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Shengzhou Taijiao Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Shengzhou Economic Development Zone of Zhejiang province. It is close to Ningbo port, adjacent to 104 National Highway, on the three high speed, Yong Jin high speed, the geographical position is superior, and the transportation is very convenient.

the company specializing in the production of single point, double points, three points, ellipse, four (automatic feeding) coating machine, magnetizing machine, demagnetization machine, terminal machine, printer, hand gun, plastic barrel, turntable and various spare parts manufacturers. The enterprise was established from the quality of the whole process of procurement, production, testing, sales and customer service service guarantee system, with superb production technology, perfect detection means, relying on scientific and technological strength, adopting foreign advanced gas pneumatic components and multifunctional coating equipment, so that the product has the advantages of complete functions, simple operation, uniform glue convenient maintenance, etc.. Has been, Tianle group dongci group, Xiangyang group and other domestic famous electroacoustic enterprises choose, and exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions......

  • When choosing the magnetizing power supply, we need to decide which specification and performance of magnetizing equipment to choose according to the specific situation of magnetic materials. The main reference parameters are as follows: 1. Magnetic material (the manufacturer of magnetic material can provide relevant data) 2. Magnet size and shape 3. Are there any special requirements for the waveform of magnetic field or flux 4. Is the magnet separate or assembled 5. Number of poles 6. Saturation magnetization or quantitative magnetization 7. Production conditions and nature, whether it is used for assembly line and production efficiency
  • Environmental temperature. The sintered NdFeB has negative temperature coefficient (alpha Br<-0.13%/ alpha Hcj<-0.6%/ C, c), so the use of instant maximum temperature environment and sustained the highest temperature will produce different degrees of magnet demagnetization, including reversible and irreversible, recoverable and unrecoverable. Environmental humidity. NdFeB itself is easy to corrosion and oxidation. In general, we use surface treatment to protect permanent magnets, but it can not fundamentally solve the influence of ambient humidity on the magnet. The drier the environment, the longer the magnet will last. How to measure the magnetic performance? There are three main parameters: Br (Residual Induction), remanence Gauss, is a measure of the magnet foreign can provide magnetic field parameters; the coercivity of Hc (Coercive Force), Oersteds, is a measure of resistance to demagnetization parameters; energy product of BHmax, Gauss-Oersteds, is a physical quantity characterized by energy storage how much energy.
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